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Office Assistant, II

Preschool 0-5 Program

"On September 18, Anahi completed a lengthy phone call with a caregiver referring her child for services. At the end of the call, the caregiver requested to speak to a supervisor. Anahi transferred the call to both program co-supervisors who were available to take the call together. The caregiver started out the conversation saying, “I just want to compliment her (Anahi) on how professional she was.” The caregiver went on in detail to describe her experience with and perception of Anahi. She described Anahi as knowledgeable, courteous, patient, tactful, and well informed. The caregiver expressed that she was pleased and thankful that Anahi answered all of her questions and helped her to understand what the next steps are to being linked with services. She was adamant that her statement should be included in Anahi’s personnel file, which she should be an example, and that there should be more people like her. We are grateful to have Anahi as a Preschool 0-5 Programs family member. The caregiver’s description of her was extremely accurate. Anahi is friendly, hardworking, and consistently completes all tasks assigned to her with a positive attitude. She most certainly should be an example of how to provide quality customer service." - Sara Diebold, BHSS & Anna Loza, BHSS


Deputy Public Guardian

"Brandi is a Deputy Public Guardian carrying a legal caseload of over 60 Conservatees. These are individuals who the Superior Court has legally declared unable to care for themselves and/or unable to handle the finances. Over the past week or so, Brandi was assigned as Deputy over some pretty difficult and time-consuming Probate cases. The court imposed some very strict timelines to marshal assets, place conservatee out of the home, obtain benefits and in some cases arrange for medical follow-up care. On August 30, I received a call from our County Counsel attorney wanting to share with me all the good work Brandi is doing on these very complicated cases. County Counsel stated that Brandi stepped up and worked the cases very well and represented the department and program as a true professional. Thank you, Brandi, for your dedication and hard work!" 

- Deborah Johnson, Assistant BH Director of Programs


Field level help.