The Riverside County Behavioral Health Commission (BHC) is an advisory body, composed of volunteers appointed by the Board of Supervisors, who work in conjunction with the Riverside University Health System – Behavioral Health to ensure citizen and professional input and involvement in all aspects of Department Services. BHC members serve for a three-year term and are governed by the California Welfare and Institution Code §5604 and the Ralph M. Brown Act. 

Duties of the Behavioral Health Commission: The Welfare and Institutions Code mandates that all counties that provide public mental health services must have a Mental Health Board or Commission comprised of mental health consumers, family members, and members of the general public.  Mandated duties of the Behavioral Health Commission are:

  • Review and evaluate the community’s mental health needs, services, facilities and special problems.
  • Review any county agreements entered into pursuant to Section 5650.
  • Advise the Board of Supervisors and the Riverside University Health System – Behavioral Health Director as to any aspect of the local mental health program.
  • Review and approve the procedures used to ensure citizen and professional involvement at all stages of the planning process.
  • Submit an annual report to the governing body on the needs and performance of the county’s behavioral health system.
  • Review and make recommendations on applicants for the appointment to the Behavioral Health Commission. The Commission shall be included in the selection process prior to the vote of the Board of Supervisors.
  • Review and comment on the County’s performance outcome data and communicate its findings to the State Health Commission.
  • Assess the impact of the realignment of services from the state to the county, on services delivered to clients and on the local community.
  • Comply with the mandatory Ethics Training Requirements pursuant to AB 1234.  This two hour Ethics Training is a free online course.  All Commission members are required to take this online training once every two years.

Behavioral Health Commission and Commissioners Training The California Institute for Mental Health (CiMH) recognizes that local Mental Health Boards and board members serve their counties diligently. CiMH also supports board trainings in topics that are in the greatest demand by members across the state, based upon input from The California Association of Local Mental Health Boards & Commissions and board and counties directly in contact with CiMH.

To access statewide training information for local mental health boards and commissions, please click here.

To Become a Riverside County Behavioral Health Commissioner Complete the Appropriate Application located on the Quick Links section of this page. For additional information on serving on the Behavioral Health Commission or one of the Regional Mental Health Boards, please call the Behavioral Health Commission Liaison at (951) 955-7141. Please mail, email or fax all BHC correspondence to:  Riverside University Health System – Behavioral Health ATTN: Behavioral Health Commission Liaison 2085 Rustin Avenue Riverside, CA  92507 (951) 955-7141 Phone (951) 955-7205 Fax

Behavioral Health Commission Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Pursuant to Gov. Code Section 54957.5, subdivision (b)(2), all Riverside County Behavioral Health Commission meeting minutes and agenda's are posted monthly on the Riverside County Department of Mental Health's website.  Click to review and/or print the month's minutes, agenda and any accompanying attachments.  The minutes posted below have been officially approved by the Behavioral Health Commissioners.  The Behavioral Health Commission does not meet in the month of August and convenes in December only by a Special Vote by the members, pursuant to the Brown Act.   



January 2, 2019 Meeting Agenda                   January 2, 2019 Meeting Minutes 
February 6, 2019 Meeting Agenda                   February 6, 2019 Meeting Minutes 
March 6, 2019 Meeting Agenda                   March 6, 2019 Meeting Minutes 
April 3, 2019 Meeting Agenda                   April 3, 2019 Meeting Minutes 
May 1, 2019 Meeting Agenda                   May 1, 2019 Meeting Minutes
June 5, 2019 Meeting Agenda       June 5, 2019 Meeting Minutes
July 3, 2019 Meeting Agenda                   July 3, 2019 Meeting Minutes
September 4, 2019 Meeting Agenda                   September 4, 2019 Meeting Minutes
October 2, 2019 Meeting Agenda                   October 2, 2019 Meeting Minutes
November 6, 2019 Meeting Agenda                   November 6, 2019 Meeting Minutes


January 8, 2020 Meeting Agenda     January 8, 2020 Meeting Minutes
February 5, 2020 Meeting Agenda     February 5, 2020 Meeting Minutes
March 4, 2020 Meeting Agenda     March 4, 2020 Meeting Minutes
May 6, 2020 Meeting Agenda     May 6, 2020 Meeting Minutes
June 3, 2020 Meeting Agenda     June 3, 2020 Meeting Minutes
July 1, 2020 Meeting Agenda     July 1, 2020 Meeting Minutes
August 5, 2020 Meeting Agenda     August 5, 2020 Meeting Minutes
September 2, 2020 Meeting Agenda     September 2, 2020 Meeting Minutes
October 7, 2020 Meeting Agenda     October 7, 2020 Meeting Minutes
November 4, 2020 Meeting Agenda     November 4, 2021 Meeting Minutes



January 6, 2021 Meeting Agenda January 6, Meeting Minutes
February 3, 2021 Meeting Agenda     February 3, 2021 Meeting Minutes               
March 3, 2021 Meeting Agenda      March 3, 2021 Meeting Minutes              
April 7, 2021 Meeting Agenda      April 7, 2021 Meeting Minutes              
May 5, 2021 Meeting Agenda     May 5, 2021 Meeting Minutes              
June 2, 2021 Meeting Agenda     June 2, 2021 Meeting Minutes
July 7, 2021 Meeting Agenda     July 7, 2021 Meeting Minutes              
September 1, 2021 Meeting Agenda     September 1, 2021 Meeting Minutes              
October 6, 2021 Meeting Agenda     October 6, 2021 Meeting Minutes               
November 3, 2021 Meeting Agenda     November 3, 2021 Meeting Minutes              



January 5, 2022 Meeting Agenda      January 5, 2022 Meeting Minutes
February 2, 2022 Meeting Agenda      February 2, 2022 Meeting Minutes
 March 2, 2022 Meeting Agenda     March 2, 2022 Meeting Minutes 
 April 6, 2022 Meeting Agenda      April 6, 2022 Meeting Minutes
 May 4, 2022 Meeting Agenda      May 4, 2022 Meeting Minutes
 June 1, 2022 Meeting Agenda      June 1, 2022 Meeting Minutes
 July 6, 2022 Meeting Agenda      July 6, 2022 Meeting Minutes
 Sept 7, 2022 Meeting Agenda      Sept 7, 2022 Meeting Minutes
 Oct 5, 2022 Meeting Agenda      Oct 5, 2022 Meeting Minutes
 Nov 2, 2022 Meeting Agenda     Nov 2, 2022 Meeting Minutes


January 4, 2023 Meeting Agenda 
January 4, 2023 Meeting Minutes
February 1,2023 Meeting Agenda
  February 1,2023 Meeting Minutes
March 1, 2023 Meeting Agenda   March 1, 2023 Meeting Minutes
April 5, 2023 Meeting Agenda   April 5, 2023 Meeting Minutes
May 3, 2023 Meeting Agenda    
June 7, 2023 Meeting Agenda    

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